Montreal is a can’t miss city to visit with all its great history there is so much to see and do. We will be happy to take over the transportation duties so you and your group or family can enjoy all the history, art, restaurants and theatres among other attractions. Why drive yourself! you don’t need the stress! Bring your group on one of our amazing coaches. If your looking for things to do in Montreal look no further!

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notre dame montreal

Notre Dame Basilica

Montreal’s oldest Catholic church, built in 1656, is known for its intricately designed interior, which includes stained glass chronicling the history of the city. This Church is unbelievably stunning. It will take anyones breath away. Visitors say this is one of the most beautiful churches in the world.

Ovarium Bains

The Ovarium Bains Flottants Therapeutique

The therapeutic floating bath experience. It is now possible to enjoy the unique sensation of weightlessness, without leaving earth. In a completely natural way, with a silky water solution watch your stresses melt away as you experience weightlessness for an out of the world adventure. Visitors are raving about this amazing experience and it is a highly recommended stop on any Montreal trip. 

montreal botaniucal gardens

Montreal Botanical Gardens

Located near Olympic Park, Montreal’s huge botanical garden contains over 20,000 different plant species in 31 specialized gardens, including the largest Chinese Garden outside Asia and a Japanese Garden with a tearoom and fabulous bonsai collection. This beautiful place is a great stop on anyones trip and is highly recommended. Let yourself be taken away with the beauty inside these gardens!

old montreal

Old Montreal

This is one of the best “old town” experiences in the world. This old town adventure is unlike any other, as the buildings has been preserved better than any others in the world. As a history enthusiast this is a cannot miss. You will never see or experience anything like this ever again in your lifetime. 

mont royal

Mont Royal

This is an amazing site, The locals refer to it as “the mountain” this 764-foot mountain provides excellent view of the city and is a popular recreation spot. To really get a view of this wonderful city you must take this journey to Mont Royal! Let us you take you where you want to in Montreal for a price thats in your budget. Remember we will always get you there safely and on time.